Over the years, we've been lucky enough to have many talented, passionate, creative and dedicated people join us on the farm. These people have helped mold and create this place and have kept us going, laughing and focused on our path. Many have gone on to expand the growing possibilities with their own farms or agriculture businesses, many have continued on a different path, but all of them have wrapped their world with gardens.

Thanks to each and every one of you — you have left a permanent mark on this farm and on our hearts. We are forever grateful.

Should you be interested in joining us for a time, please complete the internship application. We welcome people who are able to dedicate at least six months on our soil and in our home. We aren't concerned about your bringing knowledge; we are interested in your curiosity and commitment to a clean world.


We welcome vegans and vegetarians, but many do eat meat here and are welcomed to do so.  All dietary preferences are respected. We will also respect anyone who prefers to not join us because of this.

We have never had a problem living in concert with our surroundings. Irresponsible or disrespectful acts towards the wildlife or farm animals will not be tolerated.

Our farm is surrounded by natural waterways and wilderness. We celebrate this, but are aware of the wild animals that live here and respect that. There is a very healthy bear population, as well as large cats that pass through. In addition, there are copperhead snakes (as well as wonderful black snakes) that you must be diligent about keeping an eye out for.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to welcome families with children or pets.