We glean so much information from books, blogs and podcasts, but something magical happens when we discover it in person.

As often as possible, we open our farm for courses and workshops and on occasion, we're fortunate enough to have guest instructors so that we may sit alongside you and continue our own education.

Check back often as our workshops fill quickly and we are adding more. Registration is always needed to attend.

Upcoming Workshops

Young Farmers & Ranchers Organic Growing 

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2018    11 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

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Young Farmer & Rancher Workshop for the Business of Organic Farming. This educational workshop is geared for people interested in producing organic food as a farmer or rancher. We will talk about the business aspects of a successful farm and the steps to achieve USDA Certified Organic status. A walk about on our Certified permaculture/sustainable farm will follow a light lunch and discussion. This free event is limited to 25 attendees and reservations are mandatory. Sponsored by VSU and the Virginia Extension Agency.   

This Event is Full.  Please check back often for additional workshop.  

Four Days of Three In-Depth Courses

May 18, 2018: The Art of Permaculture

May 19-20, 2018: Water and Earthworks

May 21, 2018: A Walk in the Wild

Previous Workshops

Celebrating the Beginning of Spring

The Business Of Organic Farming

Without Water — Growing and Maintaining in a Drought

"Marianne Cicala came to the Permaculture field with an already established farm business, nursery, and community network, and she has harnessed her existing resources to create an astounding demonstration site at Cricket's Cove. Her energy is boundless and her power to make things happen is obvious to any who have encountered her work."

Andrew Millison, Professor of Permaculture, Oregon State University

Managing Partner, Permaculture Design International

"I have attended many workshops at Cricket's Cove Farm and Forge. They are always extremely informative and interesting. I am in awe of what Marianne has accomplished on the farm. She is a much respected and admired friend."

Dawn Conrad, Writer and Editor, "The Garden Muse”

“Cricket's Cove and Marianne hosted an organic farming workshop for me on April 26, 2017. It was attended by approximately 35 participants. Everyone was thrilled with the information Marianne provided and enjoyed the guided farm tour. It was one of the most requested workshops for the 2018 season. I really appreciate Marianne sharing her knowledge and promoting organic farming. We look forward to another successful workshop in 2018." 

Marilyn N. Estes, Small Farm Outreach Agent, Virginia State University