What makes Cricket’s Cove so special?  

Cricket’s Cove Farm & Forge is our home, our passions, our dream come true, and it gives us pause every day as I’m surrounded by the natural beauty and bounty of Mother Earth. We celebrate the magic that happens when we partner with the rhythms of nature and deliberately work in concert with our surroundings. 


Sustainability and heritage farming

Our homestead is nestled on a small forest river, bisected by a stone-laden creek and is full of native wildlife. We have dedicated years repairing timbered and neglected land, reforesting more than half to someday become the majestic pine stands and hardwood havens they once were. We live and farm on the remaining 35 acres.

Cricket's Cove is a certified Biodynamic® farm, the first in Virginia to receive this status and also USDA-certified organic,  We grow on a closed, clean system partnering with the bounty nature provides. Fruit trees and berry bushes are the foundation of all of the gardens with rainwater catchment ponds sprinkled throughout the farm. Here you’ll find vegetables, eggs, fruits, herbs, “Nectar,” (a local raw honey married with our delicious produce and herbs), a forge and more. Cricket’s Cove supplies local restaurants, select Farmers' Markets and Twigs & Berries, our organic grocery store on Main Street in Kenbridge, Virginia.


Farm-based learning experiences

Dear to our hearts and part of our mission, we offer farm-based learning experiences, internships and workshops. We love this way of life, creating a closed system of growing while embracing Permaculture, Biodynamics and an earthly partnership.  We want to share what we know.


Curiosity, experimentation and discovery

We don’t just farm plants and produce, we farm ideas.  We have had wild successes and absolute flops. We believe in learning what the earth can teach us and we have lots of stories to share. Read all about our experiences.

When partnering with Mother Nature, the sustainable result is beautiful to the eyes and magical on the palette.
— Marianne Cicala, Cricket’s Cove Farm & Forge owner, proud farmer