Meet Jim Cooper

“My father felt that everyone should have something they can do with their hands,” said Cooper. “He also didn’t want me to spend time at loose ends after school, so he set me up with a German goldsmith.”

For four years growing up in Birmingham, Ala., Cooper spent afternoons, weekends and summers beneath the goldsmith. He was initially trained as a jeweler and ended up apprenticed to a blacksmith — a trade which he’s been in engaged in for about 40 years now.

Previously employed as the conservator at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tenn., Cooper has been exhibited internationally, although he’s reluctant to think of himself as a global artist.

“Living in Lunenburg County is somewhat removed from large urban area, so, as an artist, it’s not the best place in the world for me to be in that sense, in a commercial sense. That being said, I do manage to sell a fair amount of work. I would rather live here than in the city … I’ve lived in cities, and they can keep ‘em. (Lunenburg County) is not the best place in the world to sell art, but as far as making art it’s an ideal place. I really treasure our life here,” said Cooper. Click here to read the whole article.


“He’s incredibly modest,” laughed Cicala.

Cooper, who is commissioned for both public and private works, has had his art exhibited and is collected privately thoughout the country. One of his best-known pieces, however, can be found in Center City Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Libation, the centerpiece of the park, is an 8-foot-6-inch bronze fountain comprised of two containers continuously brimming over. While his larger works are primarily iron, Cooper works in several different type of metals.

Cricket’s Cove is where metal artist and blacksmith Jim Cooper runs the blacksmith shop & forge and helps out whenever needed on his wife’s organic permaculture operation. He spends his time at the anvil as often as possible.
— From The Kenbridge Victoria Dispatch