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Cottage: A two-bedroom cottage with greywater system including kitchenette, den, book bar, A/C. Each bedroom boasts a double bed. Asleep in the Manger: An enclosed 8X8 space with private entrance.  Four spots available. Sharing the Pavilion: A screened pavilion that will hold three snoozers. This is an open space. Three spots available.
Scholarship Application
Many Hands Make For Light Work: Partial Scholarship I know how important and beneficial a Good PDC is and want to do everything possible to allow as many people as possible to join us. The logistics are a lot of work and we will offer a $500 off the regular price opportunity. In exchange, we ask that you help with the day-to-day tasks, such as keeping the campsites clean, help with getting meals set up and broken down, and whatever else pops up. This will not take you away from class time, but will add to your day, so please take this exchange seriously. We will need many hands to make this a smoothly run and happy event for everyone. If you are willing to lend us your hands, please complete the below application. We have four scholarships spots available and if we get additional donations, we will increase that number.   I Have the Time but Not the Money: Full Scholarship We've all been in situations where extra knowledge and friendships can make all of the difference, but finances are stopping us. This full scholarship is available for people who are willing and able to join us for a week prior to the PDC and stay for an extra week afterwards. We'll certainly feed you for this extra time and give you a spot for your camping gear. There is an enormous amount of prep work prior to people arriving and we will need two hard-working, dedicated folks to join us. Camp sites will need to be set up, food organized, class rooms and dining spots organized, and general maintenance will need to be done. This is a daunting task, but in exchange we will waive the entire tuition fee. We have two full scholarship spots available.
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