Partnering with Ponds

Credit has to be given to Sean for this idea, which is not new, but not used very much in the continental USA.

For centuries, areas with constant rainfall resulting in extreme waterways, lakes and large ponds, gardened on floating beds. These beds exemplify working with nature's many elements. The planted beds are truly self-watering, the roots that grow beyond the structure provide fish habitat, food and safety, and the fish in turn provide fertilizer.

As always, we started small, and a float with an approximately 3' X 8' planting surface was constructed with bamboo and skinned with coconut fiber sheets. Soil was added and then it was seeded. 

Will it work? Definitely, but a little tweaking is in order since we didn't realize that our ducks would be the happiest recipients of their new floating sunning deck complete with snacks.  

Marianne Cicala