Our Produce

We are a working, producing farm.  We take great pride in what we grow and what we offer to our community.  I have no desire to sell our goods outside of our area; I feel strongly that if growers simply fed their neighbors, so to speak, the current climate of hunger would diminish greatly.

We are USDA Certified Organic and the 1st produce farm in Virginia to have earned Certified Biodynamic status.  Other than compost from our farm, there are NO additives to our soil, our crops or our harvest.  Utilizing permaculture & sustainable practices makes it possible to grow great bounty and food with exceptional flavor.   We also produce some items on our farm, like "Nectar" a local raw honey married with delicious produce & herbs from our farm and we often dry our fresh herbs for winter use. Our produce is available through our sister garden center Twigs & Berries in Kenbridge VA.