I am a firm believer that modern "advancements" have allowed millenniums of knowledge to be lost.  The art of growing, partnering with nature, self sufficiency and basic skills have been all but forgotten since the introduction of quick fixes, replace it vs fix it and bags & bottles of amendments.  Our farm experiments constantly with ideas, installations and things that just make sense, if only in theory.  The results, both explosively successful and epic failures bring us 1 step closer to re-learning so much.  Observation & experimentation is as important to me  as succeeding as a farmer and continuing to do what I love.   This section will highlight our trials and tribulations.  For those that try out some of these things our on their own soil, please keep us posted.  

Important to note:

* We are south central VA.

* Our annual temps range from 100+ degrees to -12 degrees.

 * Our average humidity is 68%, summer humidity is easily in the 80%+ range.

 * We have 54" annual rainfall, concentrated in spring and fall often gifting us 6"+ in a 24 hour period.

 * Late summer is brutally hot, excessively humid and with little to no rainfall.  

*Our soil was compacted red clay, saturated with crystal rock with less than 1" of top soil

* I wish everyone that post blogs, shares podcasts etc would begin sharing their environmental details - it makes all the     difference in the world.